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Is an integrated services from Claritas to provide multiple assets image collection, analysis, annotation and qualified report by inspectors.


A multi-source imaging capability that leverages drone technology, high-resolution day camera,  advanced thermal sensor, and our proprietary mobile-based Inspection app to gather and digitize critical information of the buildings.


AI-assisted process to analyse the inspection images for critical building defects - cracks, efflorescence, spalling and corrosions on common facade elements


A mobile-based inspection application to assist the facade inspector collect images during the hands-on inspection works while working from height. The application enables the quick capturing and annotation of observed defects on the fly, and is integrated with Claritas Workflow for defects information compilation and reporting.


A proprietary inspection software platform that integrates and interfaces critical functions of the building inspection process (AI analysis, mobile inspection data input, and reporting) with a built-in workflow optimised for inspection review works by multiple parties.


A report generation function that quickly organises relevant inspection information for indexing and reporting , saving inspectors precious hours on report preparation and eliminating human errors in the process . The report is generated using the authority-approved format, and is presented in an editable form.