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Building Inspection Management Platform

A proprietary inspection software platform that integrates and interfaces critical functions of the building inspection process (AI analysis, mobile inspection data input, and reporting) with a purpose-built workflow optimised for inspection review works across multiple parties.


Building Facade Imaging and Data Collection

A multi-source imaging and data collection capability that leverages drone technology, high-resolution day camera, advanced thermal sensor, and our proprietary mobile-based Inspection app to gather and digitize critical information of the buildings.

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Building Defects Detection and Analysis

Leverages an AI-assisted process to analyse the inspection images for critical building defects - cracks, spalling, efflorescence and corrosions on common building facade elements like concrete, plaster, bricks, tiles and metal cladding.


Mobile Inspection App for Close-up Inspection Works

A mobile-based inspection application to assist the facade inspectors in the management of defects images during close-up inspection works at height. The application enables the quick capturing and annotation of observed defects on the fly, and is integrated with Claritas Workflow for easy defects compilation and reporting.

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Building Inspection Reporting

A report creation service that quickly organises relevant inspection information for indexing and reporting, saving inspectors precious hours on report preparation and eliminating human errors in the process. Our building report will be generated in the authority-approved format, and presented in an editable form for the Inspectors' final review and inputs prior to submission.


Our One-Stop Building Inspection Service

Claritas Technology offers building owners and facilities/building managers a one-stop Building Facade Inspection service that is in compliance with the BCA-stipulated regulatory standards and requirements. Leveraging our team of seasoned professional engineers and highly experienced facade inspectors and our propriety suite of tech solutions, we bring value, confidence and affordability to meet all your inspection needs.

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