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Frequently asked questions
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What makes the Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform different?

Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform uses AI to analyse captured images, automatically detecting defects, cracks, and other issues. This saves you time, boosts efficiency, and ensures your inspection reports are compliant with BCA regulations.

Does Claritas offer drone inspection services?

Absolutely! We leverage a network of trusted drone service providers, tapping into a wider pool of expertise.

Is the report generated by Claritas, BCA compliant?

Definitely. The reports are just a click away and they are fully compliant with BCA's Periodic Facade Inspection, PFI guidelines.

Does Claritas provide close- range facade inspection services?

Yes, we've carefully selected a network of best-in-class partners who share our values and commitment to quality. The photos will be processed and analysed on the Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform.

Can you quote the required services separately?

Yes, that's the Claritas Bespoke Services. We understand that you may have preferred partners therefore, we made these services optional.

Is Claritas platform powered by AI?

Yes, we're excited to be at the forefront of AI-powered. Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform incorporates AI to automatically detect potential issues such as defects, cracks or areas requiring attention, and we're constantly learning and improving its capabilities.

Is there a
subscription model?

Yes there is! Talk to us and find out more.

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