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Streamline your workflow with Claritas

Seamless integration: Combine the power of drones for aerial overviews with detailed close-up inspections, all managed through Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform.

Our Services

Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform
Improve productivity by 7x

The Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform takes the manual and tedious work out of facade inspections. Simply upload captured images, and our AI-powered platform will automatically detect potential issues like defects, cracks or areas requiring attention. Thereafter, generate comprehensive and compliant reports with automatic defect annotations and space for Competent Persons (CP) observations, recommendations, and conclusions.

Why Claritas Inspection Workflow Platform?
  • Increase efficiency: Automate repetitive tasks,  save up to 70% of your facade inspectors time (and Competent Persons) for critical analysis and decision- making.

  • Prioritise effectively: Color- coded severity indicators and visual markers for defects to highlight urgent issues for immediate attention. 

  • Improve collaboration: Share reports seamlessly for informed decision- making and timely interventions. 

Claritas Bespoke Services
Tailored inspections, effortless execution

Every building tells us a unique story, and your inspection demands should reflect that. While our platform excels at improving workflow and automating defect detection, we offer the Claritas Bespoke Services, that is crafted to meet your needs. 


Think of us as your one-stop inspection services:

  • Drone inspection specialists, rope and close range inspections: We partner with a trusted network of specialists to capture detailed imagery of your facade.

  • Fully-licensed FIs and CPs: Get expert eyes on the ground with our network of qualified inspectors. If not, we’re happy to on-board your inspectors, ensuring continuity and trust. 

  • Customizable deliverables: Don’t find what you need listed here? No problem! Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements and get a personalised quote.

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